Entrepreneurs, find clarity and confidence for your next phase

Take your business
and your life
to the next level

People look at your life and think that you’ve got everything. You’ve achieved. You’ve made money. You’ve got some freedom.

You’ve done everything you thought you were supposed to do to be happy and fulfilled…

So why aren’t you FEELING that way?

Hey I’m Rick, and I can help you wake up to your true purpose and experience a level of fulfillment that you didn’t know was possible.

Sign up right now for my free online challenge The 5 Minute VisionRESET to take your first step towards a life of real connection and meaning. And maybe even a bit of magic :)

VisionQuest with Rick is a proven step-by-step process that helps people with AMBITION and HEART to discover their purpose, find joy and meaning, and align with the magic of life.

Here’s what’s happened for some of our clients.

Overcame anxiety, built a $15,000,000 purpose-driven company, and launched service projects that help thousands

“My company began as doodles in your workbook.
If not for your VisionQuest we would not be doing what we are now
and what we are doing is changing lives.”

— Adam Hudson
Founder of Reliable Education, Gold Coast, Australia

Centered her biz and life around her biggest passion (dance!), met her partner, and bought her ocean front dream home on Maui

Carmen Marshall testimonial - VisionQuest with Rick Cowley

“When I want to step into some bigger dreams
I know that Rick’s program will provide the inspiration and container
to go to the next level.”

— Carmen Marshall
Business and lifestyle coach, Maui, USA

Booked 9 leading roles in feature films and tv shows and deepened relationship with his father

Harrison Gilbertson testimonial - VisionQuest Bali Retreat with Rick Cowley

“Thank you for your impact on my life.”

— Harrison Gilbertson
Actor, Los Angeles, USA

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